Whyte v Wallin called off due to shoulder injury

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I got asked for my Covid pass on the way in but it wasn’t scanned and there was no attempt to check if it was actually mine.

still with only one in five seats filled I think we were distancing OK.

when I went to a concert at an O2 venue they just had a glance on the screen.

The thing is whilst the policy from O2 is utter bollocks they don’t consider it actually takes time and resources they don’t have to do full checks. At big events you don’t want people queuing and waiting around you want them inside.
I fckn love Babic, just watched the presser in full and the guy is legit crazy haha I dont care if hes not a world beater...

Watching Babic, makes me think what a bellend Dave Allen is, like OK Babic is limited but trains his ass off and is massively dedicated and has a casual following because of this...

Dave Allen boasts about eating KFC and fighting guys way out his level, not training and blames his losses on his lack of dedication but still gets a million opportunities over hard working professionals...
I'm guessing his next opportunity will be on a big bill next summer, possibly AJ/Usyk. Against Babic if he's got his finger out and got a decent win.
I bet that Wallin would win. I think Hughie has the beating of Whyte now let alone Tyson. But as much as I think the fight has come too late for Whyte (if it even happens) he still deserves a shot at the WBC title.
Yes and he will be Tyson's next challenger, if Tyson doesn't retire first. At any rate, he will have to wait, I'd say, around 12montjs for that fight. Tyson won't be in any hurry to box again. Question is will Whyte risk a fight in the meantime?