Whyte v Wallin called off due to shoulder injury

Unfortunately, I think Fury will do any of the below, other than routinely fight his mandatory challenger:
  • Get fat
  • Retire
  • Talk about fighting David Haye
  • Prentend he'll fight in UFC
  • Join WWE again
  • Go into politics
  • Call out Klitschko
  • Call out Jake Paul
No to the last option as Tom will make that null and void if Paul plucks up the courage. I'm going for your first two options Rob. I don't think we'll see much more of Tyson from now on.
I'd actually like to see Fury v Joyce. It would be a rough fight for Fury tbh. Joyce has that spacker chin where he can't be hurt and just plods forward relentlessly.
Mate I'm going to renew my promise. If Fury fights as early as March I will come to Charlton and show my arse in the coop window.