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Fernando Vargas vs Winky Wright

1. 10-9 Vargas
2. 9-10 Wright
3. 9-10 Wright
4. 10-9 Vargas
5. 9-10 Wright
6. 9-10 Wright
7. 9-10 Wright
8. 9-10 Wright.
9. 9-10 Wright
10. 10-9 Vargas
11. 9-10 Wright
12. 10-9 Vargas

112-116 Wright.
Vargas got this on 2 cards 116-112 and 115-113, with the last card scoring it a draw. Lederman had it to Wright but a round closer.
Was it a robbery? Na, I could find 3 close rounds to flip this on it's head but I felt the better man lost.

Wright fought on the front foot which should have played into Fernando's hands but he wasn't prepared for it. Although Winky was the aggressor with his movement, there was no shortage of aggression from Fernando's fists, he matched him for punches, maybe over taking him in the last few busy rounds.

Both guys came to fight but the difference was Winky defended himself better, landed the cleaner shots and for me set the big shots up better.

I thought Fernando wasn't quite busy enough, knowing he was being outboxed in spells and he made no real attempt to back Wright up.

I've tried to get into Ronald Wright fights before but the couple times I watched them were not great fights. This was different and I thought it would because Vargas came to fight and thenclash of styles.
But I was surprised to find it was actually Winky's willingness to force the pace was actually what made this the fight it was
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Juan Francisco Estrada vs Srisaket Sor Rungvisai 2

1. Estrada
2. Estrada
3. Estrada
4. Estrada
5. Estrada
6. Estrada
7. Estrada
8. Estrada
9. Sor Rungvisai
10. Sor Rungvisai
11. Sor Rungvisai
12. Estrada

117-111 Estrada