The official OTH ‘Boxing Bites’ thread

He has an almost Doyen like ability to consider his own opinion far more valuable than it actually is.

Who gives a fuck where you rank em.
Why not just post up an ATG ranking list?
Good point Davie. He was/is a relatively young lad who used to talk about old time fighters as though he'd actually seen them. Very clued up though, really good knowledge of the sport and its history. He'd done a bit of writing for Boxing News I think but not enough to make an actual living out of it. As you imply, he didn't seem to realise there was a few people in the same boat, some of whom post on boxing forums including this one.
He's clearly hugely knowledgeable about the sport and it's history but from what I've seen of him on Twitter he can't handle any sort of debate/disagreement at all. Tends to just resort to abuse as soon as anyone challenges his opinion.
I didn't have much interaction with him but one I DO remember is I once referred to Mike McCallum as "the modern day version of Sugar Ray Robinson" His reply was "WHAT....etc etc etc" Nothing abusive but more or less saying I was talking shit. Obviously I got back to him and explained my position. He calmed down somewhat and I remember him as always being quite a reasonable lad unless, as you say you disagreed.
It would be nice if he came on the forum more but I must admit theres regular posters who come on whose opinions I would value a bit more than his.

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Premier Sports/Boxnation seem to have gone quiet with the PBC link up.

Porter’s fight this weekend not being shown in the U.K. by looks of it.