The official OTH ‘Boxing Bites’ thread

Sorry @Lunny for stealing it but.......

I’ll kick off this time with something that’s unrelated to brother Naz under a table.

I see Tommy Coyle v Danny O Connor has been made for the BJS-Andrade undercard,I like that match up,it’s not Coyle being fed to the wolves for a pay day or him beating up a useless journeyman.Its competitive and should entertain.

Full card now....

Billy Joe Saunders v Demetrius Andrade-WBO world middleweight
Tevin Farmer v James Tennyson-IBF world super featherweight title
Kid Galahad v Toka Kahn Clary-final eliminator for IBF world featherweight title
Danny O Connor v Tommy Coyle-10 rounder
Katie Taylor v Cindy Serrano-womens WBA and IBF world lightweight titles

Really like this card.
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Well if this site has achieved anything it's given Jay motivation it seems.

A man scorned eh, bit shit that the only thing that got him into gear was a rival. I doubt CHB would be back if OTH wasn't here
I couldn't give a fuck either way. I'll post on both sites. Great job on both ends imo. It's all about the posters and content anyway. I hope both sites do well.
I am 5 feet 10inches tall and weigh 140 pounds,What will my height and reach be when i reach maturity? How many people do you think the Wilder vs Fury will draw?
Think Galahad v Toka Khan Clary will be an interesting fight. For all of Khan Clary boxing attributes, he has shown he can be hurt and finished.


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I hope Dillan and Del Boy get it on in December. Can't wait. Feed a donkey a carrot.

Don't know who I'd even want to win tbh. Chisora is a legend and was unlucky in the first one but Whyte's career is more interesting and I'd rather see him get a title shot that Delboy.

The British heavyweight scene is quality atm, so packed full of characters and storylines.