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Barca are so shit as a team. They have been for 3 years, but have got even worse in the past year. They totally rely on individual brilliance to win them games.

Messi, Suarez...sometimes Rakatic, or a kid like Fati. It's a moment of magic or one slick move amidst a generally awful team performance when they win.

They've got a mountain to climb in terms of rebuilding too.
Imagine leaving Barca to join a money club in a shit league with no fans.
If he'd stayed they would have been a much better team, but for sure they'd still be shit at the back. Since he left, he won 3 Ligue 1 titles, Barca won 2 La Liga titles and if Neymar had stayed it would almost certainly have been the third this year.

If PSG win the CL, then maybe it won't look so dumb, but they've not won yet.
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Talking about players that couldn’t handle top leagues so stepped down, how is Teemu Pukki these days?
Tbf to the lad hes scored ten more goals than world cup winner and 290k a weel Paul Pogba, 350k a week Messut Ozil, 9 more than 40million recoed signing Joelinton amd seven more than premier league winner Divok Origi put together last season.

All whilst playing for the shittest club in the league. He didnt have a bad season tbf.

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Champions League is really delivering this year.

If Lyon could spring another upset tomorrow it would be fantastic.