RIP Roger Mayweather


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Terribly sad news. My first true mentor in the sport. I was fortunate enough to
have known him well before he was famous. Got a chance to be his punching bag a few times in the ring and can personally vouch for his vaunted power.

He was wildly gregarious in social life while completely abstaining from any form of drugs or alcohol. He chased pussy incessantly. Wore his heart on his sleeve and spoke his mind without a shred of reluctance.

No man who ever lived loved boxing more.

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Thanks for sharing Wansen.

If you want to throw something detailing your experience up on the front page let me know, I think it would be nice to add a personal touch to a tribute.
Far better trainer than Floyd Sr and more of a mentor to Jr than anyone else, lil Floyd even said that himself. He's got young kids so hopefully they are taken care of.


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I met Roger about 8 years ago when I first moved to the US. He was not in the best condition. I know he was looked after by his Nephew financially but I hope it was not a tough last few years for him.


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Reposting from the Doughboy thread:

Peak Doughty, posted in honour of Roger Mayweather:

"I'm kind of a person in England who's supposed to know a lot about boxing."

"It's a little bit ambiguous."

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I had the pleasure of meeting Roger Mayweather at the In N out burger joint on Rock Springs and Lake Mead near his apartment.

Very nice guy as we shared a table waiting for our order.

I have nothing against him or the Mayweathers.

As a pactard, he humbled me a bit. I’ve never walked in his shoes. I’ve heard the stories about him but when you actually meet someone, perception can quite change.

58 years old...RIP champ.
Rewatching Mayweather vs Hatton 24/7 HBO now and there’s already been a couple of gems from Roger.

Interviewer:”why does Floyd carry on fighting when he doesn’t need the money?”

Roger: “Why does Bill Gates keep making them mother fucking computers?”