RIP Roger Mayweather


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I had been thinking of doing a thread recently asking "How good was Roger Mayweather?" coincidentally.

Not sure it would be appropriate now though.


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Wow I knew he was in bad health but didn’t know it was that bad...


Liked seeing him quiz people on boxing during those 24/7s.

some hilarious moments

“who’s the greatest Latin
fighter of all time?”

Other guy: “uhhh... Oscar”

Roger “ you say?” :lol:



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Terribly sad news. My first true mentor in the sport. I was fortunate enough to
have known him well before he was famous. Got a chance to be his punching bag a few times in the ring and can personally vouch for his vaunted power.

He was wildly gregarious in social life while completely abstaining from any form of drugs or alcohol. He chased pussy incessantly. Wore his heart on his sleeve and spoke his mind without a shred of reluctance.

No man who ever lived loved boxing more.

Damn. Sucks.

There's a shortage of men who are passing on the lessons of boxing, and boxing just lost one of the best. He also seemed to be the level headed one that kept the family together, the glue.