Rematches where a guy was robbed in the 1st fight but lost badly in the 2nd

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Nah, froch was gonna get a stoppage there I reckon. It was early, no doubt about it, but groves had started shipping a few big shots from what I recall and was looking tired after throwing the kitchen sink at froch for the first 6. I wouldn't say the first was a robbery but it was a premature stoppage which ultimately led to a rematch for groves that he wouldn't have gotten otherwise.
Perhaps, hence the "sort of" rather than simply Groves was robbed. Most of the fights listed had pretty close first fights (Kov-Ward, Choc-SSR) rather than out and out robberies so I figured it worth listing. I too think Froch would have gotten to him eventually but we've seen people come back from a lot worse. We wouldn't have gotten "in front of 80,000 fans at Wembley" or "fell on his leg" without it though so...
including me. I watched it again recently and the comms for one thing was very pro-Watson. Eubank won clearly for me. I’d be interested in your thoughts if you were to rewatch?
To be fair I haven’t seen it for years , going more off my feelings at the time , admittedly when I was 14. I’ll try and rewatch it .
Matbe it’d be better in a thread where a fighter was clearly winning before getting KO’d for the second fight .
Mayweather vs Castillo might fit here.

Maybe not a full blatant robbery like some claim, but definitely very unlucky imo to have lost the first fight. Mayweather came back and beat him clearly in the second.

That win would have put a whole new perspective on Castillos career feel. A signature win.

To a lesser extent, Maidana vs Floyd as well. Though I think the first was less controversial.
Joe Louis has a couple of these, vs Arturo Godoy and Jersey Joe Walcott. Both pushed him to the limit and, more so in Walcotts case, felt they deserved the win in the first fight.

Louis would take them both out in the rematches via 8th and 11th round KOs respectively.

Nothing controversial about it, but Billy Conn also could have beatenLouis in the first fight, barring a brave but crazy decision to to go for the KO. In the second bout he was smashed to bits.

Louis is one of histories ATG rematchers.

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Did he get robbed in the first fight though? I know the result was a loss for Brodie which was changed to a draw shortly after, and I though Brodie was happy with that...
yeah it was a real close fight actually

In-jin Chi was a monster in his prime.
The Mayweather-Castillo decisions were strange. They don't quite fit this subject, but the first time they fought you could make a case for Floyd winning certainly, but Castillo should've gotten the nod. There was an awful 116-111 score in the unanimous decision for Mayweather which no one could agree with. The rematch was Floyd strictly sticking and moving not allowing Castillo to trap him in close quarters. While it wasn't easy for Floyd to keep him away all night, he didn't take much damage at all and it seemed to be a wide, sort of lackluster win. Even though it was another unanimous decision the scores were closer in much less eventful fight. Can't figure it most of the time in boxing...
Brian Vera vs. JCC Jr. Vera deserved the nod in the first fight, was robbed. Junior showed up over weight and clearly won the rematch.

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Not a big fight but remember Damaen Kelly was on the wrong side of a horrible decision against Simone Maludrotti. They had a rematch about 6months later and Kelly lost by TKO.
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