Rematches where a guy was robbed in the 1st fight but lost badly in the 2nd

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Can we count Mares v Agbeko here?

More down to the ref than the judges though, hard to call that fight fair when you have to follow the refs instructions.
Bones Adams-Paulie Ayala. Disputed decision, many people thought Adams deserved no worse than a draw, and some people thought he won (one judge did) and didn't get credit for the work he put in to the body, at least that was the sentiment from the commentary team. In round 2, a big one for Ayala, he hurt Bones with straight left hand and followed up in the corner. While he was shaken up, Adams did not go down. He held on, and was able make it through the round. All three judges scored the round 10-8 for Ayala. They also score round 11 for Ayala when he was outlanded 2-1. In the rematch, he got washed...


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Just re-read the thread title and I’ve done the exact opposite of what was asked.
Don't think I'm familiar with the fight. What happened? One of them got demolished in the first fight and lost the second one controversially?
Hedgemon Lewis looked to have got the better of Jose Napoles but lost,Then got KO’d in the rematch.Boxing hall of fame youtube channel just added a good docu on Hedge Lewis with great fly on the wall footage

Armando Muniz battered Napoles,Jose Sulamein stopped the massacre and declared it a technical draw,Napoles won the rematch
Must be tough because the first fight in these sorts of fights should have been a win and the guy should have been able to move on without any need for a rematch. To go from what is basically 1 win to 2 losses (1 via corruption/incompetence and then 1 via proper loss when you shouldn't even have been there in the first place) is a brutal career derailment.
This is why I felt sorry for John McDermott. He been on the wrong end of close decisions in the past and felt a bit hard done by. Against Fury he really turned it on and made himself a clear winner. What made it worse was the wide margin against him on the scorecard.

I think his career was winding down by then, but that would have been a cracking win to have on his record.
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Not quite what we're discussing here, but Henry Cooper v Ali deserves a mention. In the first fight, Cooper landed that terrific left hook that dropped and seriously hurt Ali at the end of the fourth round.

The 'robbery' aspect is of course the ripped glove that Angelo Dundee allegedly makes a bit worse in order to stall for extra time between rounds. I'm not sure the round was extended by much in realty, but the story stuck. Also, it's possible Ali was given smelling salts to bring him out of his dazed state, which was illegal and could have meant disqualficstion if caught (if it even happened?).

Cooper gets stopped in bad cuts in the next round.

No drama in the rematch, apart from Cooper getting badly cut again and losing again.
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Don't think I'm familiar with the fight. What happened? One of them got demolished in the first fight and lost the second one controversially?
Basilio lost a very questionable decision in the first fight then stopped him twice in following bouts. For some reason I read it as people who got redemption for getting robbed.