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Damn, that’s so unlucky man! We go back on the 17th August. Would have enjoyed a beer by the beach discussing football. You’ll be happy to know the weather is fantastic.
to bad...

I told my missus someone from oth was there.

her face got angry..
I said what’s wrong : she replied : if you expect that you and that English bloke can get wasted all day talking stupid football and boxing you are mistaken..😂😂😂 silly woman

I told her she can stay home if she wants


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A couple from my holiday...


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View from the yacht on day 1 of sailing:

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Little cove that was chilled and good for swimming:

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Cool as fuck moon rock style bay with a good jump into the sea:

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The Acropolis yesterday:

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Assuming you did the wine tasting at Santo Wines?

Went a few years back - obviously it's Greek wine so never really going to be good, but a very cheap and enjoyable wine tasting, with a particularly flavoursome tomato paste they sell.

A lil' fresh faced Chacal and his now wife up at the Winery - aged 18.