Official: Jermall Charlo vs Sergey Derevyanchenko


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Interesting. I feel like Canelo would be smarter both financially and stylistically. Though as usual against Canelo, after a bunch of close rounds he usually finds his timing and lands the harder shots to make the difference. I guess he could outbox Charlo more easily, but I feel like he might get KO'd earlier than he would against Canelo. Have to think about it more.
About 5 different journos tweeted this around the same time.

His manager sent a send to many message on WhatsApp I think. Fair play like, its his job to get his guy the most money and trying to start a bidding war isn't a bad way to go about it.

His managers have done brilliantly by him to be fair with the purses for GG and Jacobs. Cos he is very much a B side fighter by all means commercially even if his skills deserve more
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Be happy with either fight tbh.

Wouldnt mind Charlo cause at least its a decent fight for Charlo whose struggled to get any on the wrong side of the road.
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If he backs himself he’ll go the Charlo route. Beat Charlo and a fight against Canelo when gate revenue is back becomes much bigger and more lucrative.

He isn’t getting a decision against Canelo even if he deserves it.
Chances are he isnt getting tge decision against Charlo either.
Derevyanchenko is hopefully an example of a guy where L's don't matter. one of the big boxing critisms.

Had two big fights and he lost both. Both close but he lost. And here he is lined up for two huge fights, maybe it helps that he's a B side but still could hopefully be a turn in the right direction
Shawn Porter type of guy. Though Shawn has wins over Danny Garcia, Broner, Berto, etc, but it's the same concept.
I find the Charlo fight more compelling because I think Dere can push Charlo well past his normal comfort zone. He could also get stopped. There's a pretty wide range of possible outcomes.

With Canelo you'd expect him to lose a decision. It seems predictable.