Matchroom to return from the Stadium MK Plantation

At least it’s not going to be at the national hockey stadium. Right up there with going to Prestfield and experiencing the ‘medway’ welcome.

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Yeah thats what i thought I read and saw. Was confused why someone said how good they were!

No one I know is buying the usyk chisora card either as hearn is taking the piss now
Usyk Chisora undercard is going to clash with both PL football and the decider for the six nations.

Ain’t nobody paying £20 for one fight between fringe heavyweights.
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Done a bit of work at MK and been to the Wolves game there. It’s the most soulless place I can think of. They’ve tried to make it all square roads like in NYC but haven’t quite managed it. Says something when the wolves fans think it’s a shithole.
It didn’t help that the post war new towns like Milton Keynes were built when we were reliant on concrete as brick was scarce and expensive.

They age badly.
If I remember correctly the chief architect for Milton Keynes development council was an Asian man with some pretty outrageous ideas of what people wanted. True a lot of the buildings have not stood the test of time very well
Not sure of the reliability of this guy, not come across him before

This quote does sound like hes talking about Matchroom though

“The offer is pretty good. They want to give me a tune-up fight by December or January. After that they will try to negotiate with any of Rungvisai, Chocolatito or Estrada for a possible match. I don’t want to preempt. I just think that we have to wait for [them] to announce. Probably they will announce it this week,” explained Nietes.”