Matchroom to return from the Stadium MK Plantation

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Agree that hearn is a good bullshitter, that's a major part of his job. He's generally put on good fights too though - for example random stuff like wood Vs xu I don't think any other promoter does that fight.

As for Whyte I've never liked him but he's a world level heavyweight and they tend to be ppv in the UK. It's only cos were spoilt at the mo, in the era of Audley and skelton he'd seem far better and still would have been ppv imo
Audrey was Hearns first PPV. He's always been a piss taker.
@Bogotazo this is the thread you should be closing mate.

All matchroom news going in here instead of separate threads this was for the MK shows about a year ago.
Become the change you crave... cunt.
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