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Very cool idea to have this going to the front page. Have you considered contacting the owners?
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KOTV is on freesports channel now
Some random classics on there.

Courage Tshbalala v Darnell Wilson.
Some other Tuesday fight night classic were two green undefeated boxers (like both around 3-0 & 4-0) had a tear up like a world title is in the line.


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Some pretty brutal stoppages this week and also another chance to see Tetteh sliding his feet around while sat on his stool

Just stumbled across this YouTube channel that does a weekly comp of knockouts and clips. Reminds me a bit of the old KOTV that Channel 4 used to show at 2 in the morning.

Ive always thought it would be a good idea for a MOTD (highlights, not analysis) style show put together by a fan. Obviously avoiding copywrite would be a nightmare, but plenty of channels on YT get away with it.