How Good Was Roger Mayweather?


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With the sad news emerging that Roger Mayweather has passed, I thought I would post a thread that I had been pondering for some time.

How good was he?

Obviously the Mayweather name is synonymous with Floyd Jr and his ATG career, but his uncle Roger was a multiple time champ and shared the ring with some great fighters.

What is his best win?

Best performance?

How great is his legacy?

How do you rate him as a trainer?

Let's discuss this mans contributions to the game?

RIP Champ.
His prime was during my earlier years in life/as a fan. I know he was always considered a tough night's work even for the best. He fought Chavez twice, which would be his most notable bouts in my mind.

As a trainer, I think we was great. He knew the technical side of the game, emphasized defense, but not to the point he forgot the purpose is to knock the shit out of a guy.


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Great fight

Roger and Miguel Diaz told me what happened after this fight (which took just about everything out of both contestants). Roger had a some trim lined up and after his training abstinence, was ‘bursting for a shag’ (as Mat puts it).

His trainer and cornermen all begged him to seek medical attention and rest but Roger, stubborn and randy as they come wouldn’t hear a word. On his way to shag, Roger blacked out behind the wheel, smashed head-first through the windshield while totaling his BMW and sailed through the air, landing in a heap in the dirt still unconscious but completely unharmed.
World class.His second performance v Chavez is quite admirable.

i reckon he cud have been much more than he was if he had a better chin.Out of all the Mayweathers,he hit the hardest.
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No doubt, Roger Mayweather was the best coach ever in the history of boxing and he was a two weight world champion. Rest in Heaven Roger. The best boxing gloves are finding to difficult in a reasonable price, You can check this link.
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