First Loses That Ruined A Fighter

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Sometines one loss is all it takes to completely unravel a fighter and they are never the same again. There are different levels to this, for some fighters they just completely fold, others continue to be successful but never shine as well as they once did.

Lets have some examples. Ill start of with Michael Nunn, guyblooked like an absolute star in the making, was destroying people impressively coming through the ranks.

At world level he wiped out Kalambay, Curry, Roldan and Tate but scraped by Starling and Barkley, (good wins still, aint seen either so unsure of precicely how close they were).

Either way he was talked uo as a pound for pound superstar then he met James Toney, took a bit of a battering (in a really good fight) and was never really the same.

Was lucky v Cordoba, squeezed past Sosa, beaten of Little in a huge upset then lost to Liles, just never really saw that promise again.
Naz only had one more fight after his loss to Barrera, a desperately disappointing performance against Manuel Calvo which had sections of the crowd walking out during the fight and the final bell was met with heavy booing by those who remained in attendance.

In terms of fantasy fights that could/should have realistically happened, Naz against Morales and Manny would feature very high on my list.
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Hard to look beyond Dave Price. Coming along around the same time as Tyson Fury you'd have picked him to be the one to dethrone an unbeaten world champion not the one to end up a petrified journeyman losing to the likes of Christian Hammer.


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Rigo hasn't been the same since his loss.

Partly because of age but that aura around him hasn't ever been the same. Him quitting made him suddenly seem very beatable.
David Price was done after the first Thompson fight.

Britain's next big heavyweight hope to glass jawed coulda been.
i recently saw those fights for the first time

dunno how price still had an audience after the 2nd fight. Clearly said “fuck this”


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Mosley, Mosley, Mosley.

He had a super competitive drive in the ring before losing to Forrest, and since that first loss you could kind of see him in close fights quietly resigning himself to the possibility of a loss each time he struggled after that. That trademark Mosley frown. You never used to see it when he was battling DLH or anyone else. Or rather it was more subtle and momentary.