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Jeff Chandler vs Oscar Muniz - Jeff tastes his first defeat in another non-title affair over 10

Jeff Chandler 122 lbs lost to Oscar Muniz 122 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

Jeff Chandler, the World Boxing Association bantamweight champion, suffered the first defeat of his career, losing to unranked Oscar Muniz on a split decision in a 10-round non-title, super-bantamweight bout at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Chandler (31-1-2), of Philadelphia, led with his left jab and allowed Muniz (35-3-3) of Pico Rivera, Calif., to land hard right shots to the body and head from close range.

Muniz, bleeding from two cuts around the left eye for eight rounds, won 5-4-1 on the scorecards of Judges Tom Kaczmarek and Phil Newman. Judge Frank Brunette scored it 5-4-1 for Chandler. Each fighter weighed 121 3/4 pounds.

Chandler, who is not ranked as a super bantamweight, said he will continue to pursue the 122-pound title because he has trouble making the 118-pound bantamweight limit. Chandler took the fight on one-week's notice and was paid $100,000.

  • Source: "Chandler Loses Split Decision" The New York Times (1983, July 24) Article
  • This bout was arranged at short notice when ABC-TV's plans to air the tape of the Michael Spinks v Eddie Mustafa Muhammad light heavyweight championship bout were scuttled when Mustafa Muhammad came in over the 175 lb. limit leaving a programming void.
Post fight comments

  • "They say you learn something every fight, and I had never been in with a talker. I just didn't listen to him. My right hand was the key to the fight. Those body shots count just as much as the head punches he threw. I would like to fight him again, but only for the title." -Oscar Muniz
  • "They out and out robbed me. I beat him all over the ring, but he ran like a thief - like he was taking something." -Jeff Chandler"

1. 9-10 Muniz. Good opener and Muniz pressing the pace. Jeff started slow, defense is lax and not moving out of reach of shots quick enough.

2. 9-10 Muniz, working the body, letting the right hand go. Jeff tried to pick up the pace but can't sustain it as Muniz matches him and lifts his head with uppercuts. When they're not throwing, Muniz lateral movement stopping Jeff set his shots up.

3. 10-9 Chandler. Probably landed the cleaner shots, starts well and has a couple good spells during the round but Muniz always steps up with him when he does. Questions over Jeff's fitness here.

4. 9-10 Muniz. He's busy, forceful and pushes through with that right hand time and again. Jeff has a real moment of quality with 50 seconds remaining, a barrage that turns Muniz but Muniz comes back, got to give him the round

5. 10-9 Chandler. But very close. He covers up and denfends himself better early, meaning his fww moments of quality after the half way mark give him the lead. But Muniz puts it on him late to make it very tight.

6. 9-10 Muniz. Scrappy round. Jeff throwing 1's and 2's with too long between shots. Muniz more effective in close where Jeff throws pitter patter stuff at his gloves.

7. 10-9 Chandler. Quiet, close and pretty poor round. Preferred the few straight shots from Chandler over the odd body shot from Muniz.

8. 10-9 Chandler. Possibly the closest I've coming to giving Jeff a clear round but still a bit flat. Level on my card though. Wish he'd stop moaning about the head coming in, ref sees nothing.

9. 10-9 Chandler. Better use of the left and a couple decent combinations. Muniz very tired now, you'd have to favour Chandler if this was over 12 or 15 at this point

10. 9-10 Muniz, well maybe not. Muniz giving his all here, he knows it's the last one though. But that was what he needed to do. Busy again, forcing out every last drop. While Chandler, as he has from the start, showboating and shit talking when he had no right to.

95-95 but the official scorecard feels better than mine, Jeff didn't deserve anything out of that fight.
Very flat on his feet, Muniz moved so much better, in and out to negate his range, then circling outside to take away the long straight shots of Chandler.
Muniz let his hands go more and while his power looks forced he did hit Jeff a few good shot, with Jeff showing very poor defence at times.
Jeff picked some nice shots at times but few and far between.

Jeff takes the loss and I can't say he didn't have it coming


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Alberto Davila vs Kiko Bejines
Little bit disappointed I couldn't find a bit more footage of Kiko or indeed much of a tribute, as you would expect to find for a fighter who lost his life in the ring. RIP Kiko.

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"Alberto Davila 118 lbs beat Kiko Bejines 118 lbs by KO at 0:33 in round 12 of 12
Vacant WBC Bantamweight Title

Photo #2, Photo #3

"At the end of the 11th round the score was even on one card with the other judges having Bejines ahead by two points and five points. Davila cut loose at the start of the last round and decked Bejines whose head struck the middle rope. He was struggling to his feet when referee Waldemar Schmidt reached the count of 10 at 33 seconds of the round. Suddenly Bejines fell back. He was taken to hospital and died after an operation. His death came three days after the fight" (The Square Ring)

The WBC title had been declared vacant after reigning champ, Lupe Pintor, was unable to defend after suffering a serious automobile accident."

1. 9-10 Bejines. Round started quick but settled into the usual first round pace. Bejines light on his feet but quite a languid puncher. Davila didn't really get started

2. 9-10 Bejines. Davila not throwing much more than the jab and you can see why as Bejines bovs and weaves on the way in, Alberto can't set anything up. Bejines looks a snappier puncher when hooking and lands a could nice shots here

3. 9-10 Bejines. First right Davila throws he takes one to the liver, next one sees him lean into an uppercut and a hook. Davila goes back to the jab.

4. 9-10 Bejines has a good start then goes quiet mid-round and Davila lands some jabs and looks to grow in confidence mixing in the odd power shot, fairly even end to a very close 3 minutes

5. 10-9 Davila. Bit more aggressive, coming forward being more forceful and it upsets Bejines balance so he can't set himself. Not sure he's a natural counter puncher. Davila still eats a few with his less careful style but times his own shots well and edges another close one.

6. 9-10 Bejines. Na I'm talking pish, Bejines slips a number of jabs and comes back across with counter hooks. When he moves his head and lets his shots go, he looks good, real flow to his work.

7. 9-9 Bejines. He got a point off for a head clash, don't remember any warnings. So Kiko comes steaming forward, trying to push Davila back, throwing big shota. He lads enough to nick the round but his carelessness sees him clipped a few times. Cracking round.

8. 9-10 Bejines. Davila is doing nothing for me here. Bejines ever better with the jab, with those long arms and he puts together a few nice combinations and heavy shots

9. 10-9 Davila. A couple one twos early from Alberto are the best shots but Kiko throws a lot of leather in response, including a sustained barrage downstairs. Bejines arms seem to tire and Davila edges the second half of a close round

10. 10-9 Davila. Bejines is tiring, only head movement now is when Davila rocks it back with a double jab. Kinda grudge giving Davila the round when he throws nothing but jabs, particularly at a more stationary target with less output. But he landed more clean shots.

11. 9-10 Bejines. Barnstormer of an 11 round. Bejines comes out with more gas in the tank and his pace draws a response from Davila. Amazed they both kept firing for 3 minutes, particularly Kiko, who had looked tired in the 10th.

12. KO Davila. He lands a cracking right 15 second in, that hurts Bejines and leaves you asking where that had been all night. He follows up and lands a couple more good one twos and knocks Kiko down and into the ropes. Boxrec state that his head hit the ropes, doesn't seem significant wnough to cause a brain injury.
But no doubting his head is scrambled and his equilibrium is gone as he paws at his face and gets stuck in a crouch position getting to his feet.

102-106 Bejines going into the last round.

3 days later Bejines died and it is a damn shame more isn't known about him. (Or at least I don't know enough and the internet doesn't have a huge amount to say.)

On this evidence he looked a very good young fighter at only 21.

The irony of this happening in the 12th round only shortly after moving from 15 rounds for safety reasons will not have been lost on the boxing community.

RIP Francisco Kiko Bejines



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Jeff Chandler vs Eijiro Murata 3

Odd that this happened a 3rd time. The first was apparently controversial but I had Jeff winning by a few but I had him a mile ahead at the stoppage the second time. Not sure if it was mandatory but Jeff had just lost the non title fight to Muniz and I would have expected that next...

1. 9-10 Murata. Good opener and nice and close. Jeff snapped his head back with a number of nice jabs Murata trying but failing to land big shots early but he did get through with a couple right hands later to just sneak the first.

2. 10-8 Chandler. Funny round, Murata started well with a nice jab when Jeff catches him off balance with a nice right to drop him. Murata comes back confident and seemingly not hurt but twice Jeff lands the right and his knees weaken. Mutmrata finishes the round strong.

3. 10-8 Chandler. Another round where Murata does some hood work but a sweet right hand that cut right across his jaw makes his legs go right from under him. The comms never scored the 2nd 10-8, I wonder if they will this one.

4. 9-10 Murata. Really good round, Chandler very sharp with the left hook. Murata hitting the body well and a few combinations upstairs. Commentary giving Eijaro very little credit.

5. 9-10 Murata. Both landing but Jeff just using the left hook, which is strange given how good his jab is and the fact he hurts or drops him when he throws the right. Murata though, scoring with 2 and 3 shot combinations, both hands to body and head and just busier.

6. 9-10 Murata. Tough one to call, Murata busier again, responding to everything with 2 and 3 punches, some of it scrappy but lands enough. Jeff uses the right uppercut and seems to stun him with a left hook and landed the better shots.

7. 10-9 Chandler. His vest round for a while. Murata still busy but wasting punches as Jeff blocks and slips a lot of shots and comes back with sharp hurtful shots that Murata simply doesn't defend

8. 9-10 Murata. A real tough one to score. Both landing a fair amount but I thought the edge in power was with Jeff. Had him winning until the last 20 seconds when Murata scored two 4 punch volleys.
Not sure there has been a round where Jeff hasn't complained to the ref about something

9. 10-9 Chandler. Clearly the harder hitter here, he landed slightly more than Murata, landed that bit more cleanly and obviously hurts Murata more when he does.

10. KO Chandler. He come right out from the opening bell looking for the kill, unloading heavy accurate shot until Murata goes down and he doesn't give up, flooring Murata hard 2 more times before the ref waved it off. Very much looked a case of Jeff could stop this when he wanted to and when he made that decision it was nailed on he was getting his stoppage win.

85 - 84 Chandler going into the 10th. Bit of frustration at Chandler at times, as he could clearly hurt Murata and was the harder more accurate puncher. But you cannot complain too much about the tactics, he knew Murata couldn't hurt him, he could see that when he let Murata work he would throw a lot of shots and tire himself and ultimately he kneq when he decided enough was enough he had the finish in him.

Chandler has proven to be a real puncher after looking quite a light hitting boxer early on. He let a few too many rounds slip early but still a class act when he starts firing.

No showboating tonight but a frustrating amount of complaining as he tried to referee his own fight.


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Jeff Chandler vs Oscar Muniz 2

"Jeff Chandler 117 lbs beat Oscar Muniz 117 lbs by TKO at 0:23 in round 7 of 15
"Jeff Chandler successfully defended his WBA bantamweight title for the 9th time when he stopped Oscar Muniz in the 7th round Saturday at the Sands Hotel and Casino. Chandler opened a cut above the challenger's left eye in the 2nd round and used his 4 1/2 inch reach advantage to work on the cut until referee Vincent Rainone put an end to the bout after examining the gash. Chandler went to work on Muniz's head in the 2nd round and opened the cut above the Californian's left eye. But Muniz retaliated with a flurry of punches late in the round and backed up the champ. In the 4th round, blood covered the left side of Muniz's face and Chandler opened a cut on the challenger's right cheek with solid left hands. Muniz fought gamely to the end." -Associated Press

  • "I was motivated because he had beaten me. I straightened him up with the left hook and then bang, he was in front of the right hand." -Jeff Chandler
  • "When he came back to the corner (after the 1st round) Muniz said he was having trouble closing his mouth after taking a lot of right hands." -Ed Sobel, Muniz's trainer, who feared Muniz's jaw was broken."

1. 10-9 Chandler. What a first round, Muniz comes out swinging like a madman for the first minute. Jeff starts landing and hurts him a couple times, some lovely punching by Jeff. Muniz tries to finish strong and I think they both buzz each other a little in the closing minute.

2. 9-10 Muniz. Yet another round where a fighter throws a ton at Chandler without landing much. Jeff boxes well, letting his hands go accurately at times. But Muniz does catch him one good right that staggers him to the ropes. You could give Jeff this on the balance of the round but that was a good shot and some effort over the 3 minutes.

3. 9-10 Muniz comes out really fast again, swinging away but landing with more power and getting through flush. Jeff still a little groggy from last round maybe. Jeff, under pressure, hold and looks at the ref and tells him he needs to check Muniz cut :lol: . He's a fucking chancing bastard.

4. 10-9 Chandler. Another mad round and kind of lost track of it but I think I was scoring it to Jeff. Muniz gets cut to the right cheek now with a good shot before Chandler blatantly punches him in the balls. Frenetic end to the round, might have been a Muniz round. He's soaked in blood now.

5. 9-10 Muniz. Gives it his all early, works the body well, like how he moves his feet in close, lets his shots go and pivots round Chandler or steps in and lands on Jeffs shoulder so he can't get off. Jeff trys rubbing Muniz cuts with the laces, poor show. Jeff score well second half but Muniz goes for it late to make sure of the point

6. 9-10 Muniz. Another action packed round with Muniz doing well early. Jeff must complain to the ref 4 or 5 times yet he is warned for pushing Muniz in the face again and dropping his head. Jeff lands a few good shots in the last minute.

7. TKO Chandler. Fight stopped as the cut over the left eye reopens. That's a poor show, just seconds into the round, not a punch landed and Jeff seems to rub it with his gloves.
And to top it off it doesn't seem any worse, it simply started bleeding again and the ref waves it off. That is massively disappointing given Jeffs behaviour over the last few rounds. Highly dubious stuff


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Jeff Chandler vs Richie Sandoval

Jeff Chandler 118 lbs lost to Richie Sandoval 118 lbs by TKO at 1:20 in round 15 of 15

1. 9-10 Sandoval. Good start, he has the snappier jab early on, then starts thudding in hard body shots before stunning Jeff with shots upstair. He hurt Chandler and really lets his hands go well. Has a little breather before going again. Comms thought a 2 point round and there is a good case for it.

2. 9-10 Sandoval. Another very clear round, Jeff starts looking to regain control early but Sandoval quickly takes control and look very good when he lets his hands go, good variety and angles punching in combination, fast shots and good torque to get power behind his shots. Jeff looking flat footed and just flat here.

3. 9-10 Sandoval. Closer round, more single shots thrown than anything else but Sandoval still landing more and cleaner shots.

4. 9-10 Sandoval. Similar to last round, Sandoval hitting the body well, particularly with the jab, moves in well to close the distance behind his head shots and is getting the clear upper hand in the in fighting.

5. 9-10 Sandoval. There's next to nothing that Chandler does better here, he's poor in this one. Sandoval out working him, looking much the fresher fighter and scores a cracking uppercut late on.

6. 9-10 Sandoval. Thought I was going to give one to Chandler, he started better without looking great but Sandoval put a few combinations together after the half way mark and still carrying quite a bit of spite ion his shots.

7. 9-10 Sandoval. Another close round where I'm considering giving Chandler one right up until the last minute but he just can't keep pace with Sandoval for the whole 3 minutes.

8. 10-9 Chandler. Going to give him this one narrowly, managed to outscore Sandoval over the piece. Sandoval landed a right left that was probably his best shots since the early rounds but Chandler did keep him largely quiet other than that.

9. 10-9 Chandler pushed the pace early and landed arguably the better shots first half, despite there being little on his shots. Chandler spoiled mid round, begating a come back from Sandoval, then matched everything Sadoval had over the last minute

10. 9-10 Sandoval. Close scrappy round but each time Chandler threw the single straight right, Sandoval saw the opening and let 2 or 3 shots go.

11. 8-10 Sandoval. Working very nicely inside. Early on he slide down to Chandlers left and cuts back across his jaw with a nice right hand. Does the same from the other side mid round and floors him, all about cotrol inside and Jeff not protecting himself.

12. 9-10 Sandoval, early on they exchange little volleys of 3 and 4 punches, with Sandoval scoring the slightly better but the only good work starts coming from Alberto as it wears on and Jeff tires

13. 9-10 Sandoval. A close round fought up close. Again Sandoval has the better control in the clinch, seldom gets hit and gets himself in better positions to land, particularly on the exit

14. 9-10 Sandoval. Good work from both inside but again Sandoval busier and getting in better positions and protecting better. He scores better to the body and gets a few nice uppercuts in that have served him well in the second galf of the fight. And has him going in the closimg seconds to boot

15. TKO Sandoval and very well deserved. Twice has him reeling with a jab early on and eventually just takes over and gives him a drubbing in the corner forcing Mercante to step in on a barely sentient Chandler

Sandoval was busier and fitter but he also moved far better on his feet on the outside and had much better control of the infighting

Must be one of the best underdog victories I've witnessed. Excellent performance from Sandoval
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Chandler vs Sandoval just finished.

Only two Davila fights to round it off.


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Alberto Davila vs Enrique Sanchez

1. 10-9 Davila. Decent start, both landing well with left hooks early, Davila ends the round with a couple spearing jabs that just nick it.

2. 9-10 Sanchez. Scores left hook to head and body and the left uppercut early. But he struggles to establish the jab and keeps falling short trying to hit the mobile Davila with the right. But he nails him halfway and has a lot more success with straight shots from there.

3. 9-10 Sanchez. Doesn't throw like a bantamweight, really does look heavy handed and Davila will worry that it's only taken a round and a half to find his range for those hard shots. He's going to need this to slow down at some point soon

4. 9-10 Sanchez. Razor thin margin here. Sanchez decides to box the first minute and shows he has pretty good feet too. It settles down with Davila finding the body but I just felt Sanchez scored a couple late that give him the point.

5. 9-10 Sanchez. Had Davila ahead for most of the round but Sanchez has more in his shots and was busier right up to the 3 minute bell.

6. 9-10 Sanchez. Another close one, Davila landing more early but Sanchez hitting harder. Was giving Davila the edge for ending every combination with a well placed left to the body. But Sanchez again digs in late, scoring overhand rights, some uppercuts and seems to be getting to Davila.

7. 10-9 Davila. This is madness. Torrential rain is coming into the ring at 45 degrees and they fight on, wading through a puddle that fills the ring. Davila is like a Scottish football team in Europe, these conditions seem to suit him fine

8. 10-9 Davila. He pushes him to the ropes with double and triple jabs and Sanchez, content to be out of the puddle, stays there for the 3 minutes. For the most part Davila can step in and out and measure his shots until late when Sancchez realises if he sits on the ropes and make Davila lean over he can come back up with two hooks. Davila almost lost another round late on.

9. 10-9 Davila. Sanchez swinging early, Davila determined to stand and try and jab between his shots. Risky tactic, as he isn't protecting himself other than trying to offset and unbalance Sanchez. With it close entering the last minute I figured Sanchez would pull away but he looked tired. Davila landed the slightly better shots late

10. 10-8 Davila. Has Sanchez on the ropes again, there's a spring in his step and he's throwing multiples. Sanchez looks to be swinging big but Davila content to stand and throw, not moved by the shots, betrays Sanchez tiredness. Davila drops him with seconds to go and surely the bell saves him

11. KO. Sanchez comes out not fully recovered and Davila throws hard leather until the ref stops it, which he could have several times
95-94 Davila

Good showing from both men. Sanchez was good early. In the mid rounds he kept sneaking them but Davila took over and energy outdid power.


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I did not know, that Davila had to give up his crown shortly after this fight due to recurring back injuries.

Zaragoza would fight Jackson for the vacant tile a year later and it would swap hands and be involved in several fights before Lora defends it in the next fight I posted with Davila.

I'm going to park this thread for now, after 26 years of action.
But I might return to it at some point and extend it further.... perhaps to the half century.

@Lunny could you park this, the Middleweight thread and the Monzon thread in the 365 forum.
I'd ask chatty but he can fuck off, I'm king of 365 now and I'll decide.

Makes it easy for me to find as I might revisit the Bhop years on the MW thread at some point too just for @Vlad


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I did not know, that Davila had to give up his crown shortly after this fight due to recurring back injuries.

Zaragoza would fight Jackson for the vacant tile a year later and it would swap hands and be involved in several fights before Lora defends it in the next fight I posted with Davila.

I'm going to park this thread for now, after 26 years of action.
But I might return to it at some point and extend it further.... perhaps to the half century.

@Lunny could you park this, the Middleweight thread and the Monzon thread in the 365 forum.
I'd ask chatty but he can fuck off, I'm king of 365 now and I'll decide.

Makes it easy for me to find as I might revisit the Bhop years on the MW thread at some point too just for @Vlad
Remind me tomorrow afternoon?