Corona vs Boxing.

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We'll, in Spain there is a big confusion. Gyms in towns that are in phase 2 could open this week but the minister of health said on Monday that It would be in phase 3. Yes, nobody knows the right thing. Some gyms have opened (30% of people).

About the events, we are waiting for protocols of the Goverment because some promoter wants to hold cards in summer in open venues (maybe 30-50% of people).
So Oliver Dowden said at the presser that live sport can go ahead from Monday.Why do the government announce these things so late.Are they not capable of giving guidance a few weeks in advance on what they plan to do next and when.Loads of Sports out there that are desperate to get going and will lose money by remaining in limbo right until the last minute.They couldve had plans in place to restart earlier hence lost revenue.

They did this on a larger scale with the public transport just dropped it on the transport network at twelve hours notice.