Boxing revisited No 4.....Danny Williams v Mike Tyson and Vitali Klitschko

With the sporting drought currently upon us I’ve decided to upload a new one of these every couple of days.

The idea being i reshow a fight or fights that could need reappraising,or reviewing.Or like today’s,just some forgotten memories.

Danny Williams.

The (criminally) still active Williams was once upon a time a dangerous but inconsistent heavyweight on the European scene.

Already a 2 time British and Commenwealth champion,and European challenger Danny reached his career high in 2004 when he fought hall of fame inductees Mike Tyson and Vitali Klitschko back to back in the United States.

Refresh your memory,rescore or reminisce in this thread over a huge upset and an unlikely and painful world title challenge.

Williams fought 5 times in 2004!!!

A level of activity unheard of these days.

Starting with a 12 round loss for British and commonwealth titles to Michael Sprott in January,and culminating in the December loss to Vitali.
People don’t like this fight because Tyson was past it,but it was a wild shoot out.

Very exciting fight and Williams showed incredible spirit and chin to even survive the first round.Then he went to war and used his extra size and strength effectively particularly on the inside.

Imagine fighting on a showtime PPV v Iron Mike Tyson and knocking him out.
Tyson-Williams was wild sloppy fight.

Makes me want see a trial of 2 clinches initiated a round per fighter.
I saw the Williams Vitali fight live and remember thinking Vitali was unstoppable.

To be fair Vitali did look great.Such a sloppy style in ways but so effective.It’s as a a volume puncher when he is at his best,never loading up,great hand eye coordination,and continually lands one shot after the other from all angles without his opponent able to adjust or react.
Tyson badly injuring his leg in the 1st round is disgracefully wiped under the carpet. There's a lot of bullshit excuses in boxing but this isn't one of them.

Watched it for the first time a few months back and it definitely has a Haye/Bellew 1 type of vibe to it in terms of the injury.


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Tyson V Williams

1. 10-9 Tyson, could have been 10-8. Williams badly hurt. It's remarkable when Tyson plants his feet and turns in the hooks, the torque he generates is astounding.

2. 10-9 Tyson. A real back and forth round with both shipping heavy shots. Good rally from Williams but I still though Mike nicked it

3. 10-7 Tyson. Really close round, tonnes of action, great body work and both men bleeding. Could have gone either way. Which makes it all the more harsh that the ref has made this a 10-7 on my card.

4. KO Williams. Action slows then with about half a minute to go Danny sees something and starts winging in bombs, landing big shot after big shot till Tyson slumps on the rope.
Unbelievable scenes Jeff.

Wirth noting the ref picks up the count at 4, when Tyson had been on the canvas for 6, (longer if you count from when the ropes break his fall) then he has a further 2 seconds break between 5 and 6. I had counted 15 by the time he waved his hands, along with the points deductions and the overly friendly pats on the back he gave Mike, you have to wonder if the ref had a sneaky fiver on the Tyson points win?


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Klitschko vs Williams
Williams 6'1" and close to 20 fucking stone.

1. 10-8 Vitali that was a lot of punishment Williams took. Vitali with a very relaxed and unusual style, he really does club with a lot of those punches

2. 10-9 Vitali. Doing whatever he wants, just pummeling him with the one two.
Danny's corner is almost as big a fuck up as his diet plan. Why are there 3 cunts screaming at him?

3. 10-8 Vitali. He throws a lot of punches for a big guy. They are saying he has stamina issues, I think he has output issues. Catches him mice with that left hook. Danny down again and bleeding

4. 10-9 Vitali. Landing plenty here, I like the little adjustments he makes with his feet, side to side while he is punching, makes him hard to counter and opens Danny right up. Danny would have been hoping to catch him in exchanges with the amount he throws but it just isn't there for him

5. 10-9 Vitali. Landing at will,he isn't the quickest but the way he just lifts his hands, throwing arm punches, means there is very little telegraphing of any shots. But even lacking the leverage of a properly thrown punch they still thud home with good power. Some contrast from Tysons punching style

6. 10-9 Vitali. Williams looks about cooked here. His corner might be able to get more out of him by screaming in both ears though.....

Nope, there were three shouting at him this time, I think the cut man felt left out.

7. 10-8 Vitali, just throwing a couple, taking a couple seconds off and repeat, landing far too many, time to pull Danny out here.

8. TKO Vitali. Williams took some really hard shots and you got to give him credit for his balls here but they should still have him in here. Another heavy knockdown and the refs seen enough.

70-60 going into the 8th
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