365 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 97: Brian Viloria vs Juan Francisco Estrada


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Estrada vs Viloria

1. 9-10 Viloria. Tough to separate them here, I think I just preferred Vilorias work but could go either way

2. 10-9 Estrada. Made Viloria miss a lot of punches, worked really well to the body, got Vilorias attenetion now, would like to see him go from body to head more when Viloria covers up his mid section

3. 9-10 Viloria. Both landed with good body punches, Viloria counter punching well early then later in the round got busier and had more success in exchanges

4. 10-9 Estrada. better round, landed a few cracking right hands, funnily enough I was going to compliment Viloria on his head movement and counter punching but at times he just couldn't get out of the way of very good shots from Estrada

5. 10-9 Estrada. Viloria started brightly and landed a couple decent shots late in the round but for the majority of the round I felt Estrada just the busier and more successful. No clear rounds yet, these could all swing. George making good points about Vilorias lack of movement, good analysis of the fight so far

6. 10-9 Estrada. He's working that bit harder. Viloria landed possibly the better shots, a couple beautiful right hand counters but it's one at a time. Estrada landed some nice shots but they're going in in 3s and 4s

7. 9-10 Viloria, very similar pattern emerging, the only difference is the slight different in success round to round, felt Estrada isn't get through as often this round. Would like to see them go back to working the body more like the earlier rounds, Estrada in particular was having success there.

8 10-9 Estrada. Lot of infighting and body work, Estrada still working harder, Viloria still throwing quality shots when he lets his hands go.

9 10-9 Estrada, deciding to fight up close more and more here out working Viloria and breaking him up a little. Vilorias shots lacking snap at times, until the very last one he threw, where he hurt Estrada with a right towards the end

10. 10-9 Estrada, in control and taking over now, working harder, punching more and more accurately as Vilorias head movement becomes as static as his legs. Hurts him on 2 or 3 occasions towards the last 30 seconds of the round

11. 10-9 Estrada. Viloria decided to get on his bike early here but Estrada was having none of it, he closed him straight down and disctated the terms again. He wanted it up close and he got it that way, he knows he can out work him here and the pop is gone from Vilorias shots

12. 10-9 Estrada, great last round. Viloria knew he had to do something, so he tried a new look again this round, he decided to come out and let his hands go. But Estrada said if you throw 2 I'll throw 3, if you throw 3 I'll throw 5. It was just too much for Viloria and he ran out of steam half way through. He made one last gasp effort with seconds left to go but it was out of desperation, the fight was gone, as was his power and engine,

That 10 second whistle instead of the clapper was a really bad idea, a couple times the fighters stopped when they heard it.

117-111 Estrada. I agree with Francisco Martinez card, the widest of the 3.
The first 7 rounds were really close, with the recurring theme of quanitity vs quality, depending on what you like you could have split them down the middle or given all 7 rounds to either man, I didn't think there was a clear round until the second half of the fight when Estrada took over.
Depending on how you scored thos first 7, I could honestly see any score card from Levi Martinez 115-113 to Viloria all the way to a shut out for Estrada, depending on how you score them but truth be known, Estrada won the fight

Estrada having the legs here, meant he could dictate the terms of the fight with regards to where it was fought, when he was fresh early he could move and circle, knowing Viloria wasn't shutting him down, he could get in and out and work when he wanted, as the rounds wore on he opted to get in close and out-work the older man. Of course boths strategies came with a risk, at distance, Viloria was accurate and hurtful with the counter punching and up close Viloria looked to carry the power, even if he couldn't match the output

George Foreman gave a masterclass in calling this fight, lots of technical things and comments about the movement and styles he picked up on that I never commented on, simply because I didn't want to sound as if my card was just parroting what Big George had to say. But he picked up on it all so I had no choice


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love what foreman said during the commentary

"this is a fight you can just sit back and watch"

spot on

Foreman can sound like he's waffling at times but there's some fights where he absolutely nails it from start to finish and I thought this was one of them.
I don't know how much he knew about the fighters, Estrada in particular but he sussed it out quickly and spotted the key tactical elements in the fight and the factors that swung it in the end
George was fucking fantastic at times. He could go off on a tangent but sometimes he was excellent. He comes across as a cuddly old grandad, and then you remember he’s one of the most dangerous cunts in single combat to ever walk the face of the earth which changes things somewhat.
I never saw this as a competitive fight at the time, both pre match and during it, from opposite points of view ironically. I thought Viloria would school him but then felt Estrada did school him.

On rewatching it I changed my mind.

I had it level after 6. But then Estrada had better legs and could box and move for the last 6. Viloria was spirited down the stretch but couldn't ever really get the success he needed to take the rounds.

Good fight that I never appreciated.
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Good fight. I gave up scoring just enjoyed the style matchups. Viloria silky skills but Estrada way too effective. Movement pressure, more stamina. Apparently Estrada was the underdog. Didn't look it to me

Id say Boris won maybe 3 or 4 rounds. One of those cards gave it to Viloria
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