365 Day Challenge Day 85: Marco Antonio Barrera v Kennedy McKinney


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1. 10-9 Barrera. McKinney tries to fend Barrera of almost exclusively with a long rhythmic jab and quickly learns that's not going to cut it against MAB. Barrera working the body, finding angles and counters and getting inside with hooks. Kennedy does land a couple of right hands but the commentary team seems to be over-egging their effectiveness at this point

2. 10-9 Barrera, more of the same from MAB, but McKinney having more success with power shots, closer round

3. 9-10 McKinney. Picks away consistently with the jab and lands a couple rights. Barrera has a quieter round until the last 20 seconds.

4. 9-10 McKinney, good round, McKinney sticking to the same pattern, jabbing well and getting the right hand of in straight 1-2's. It's working and frustrating Barrera, who again tries to nick the round late. Barrera could work round the jab in the first couple but seems warier now that more is coming back in terms of power shots

5. 9-10 McKinney again winning this behind the jab. Barrera found a way round it in the first round but has struggled since

6. 10-9 Barrera. What a stunning round, there was barely a missed punch for 3 minutes. That really was a war in a round. really tough to score and a couple late flurries nicked it

7. 9-10 McKinney. It's a real chore choosing between the combination punching and body shots from Barrera and the hard right hands being consistently scored by McKinney. I saw Barreras head rocked back numerous times though

8. 10-7 Barrera. The first time McKinney not only controlled the range but the pace of the round by pushing Barrera back with that jab. Well ahead then bang, Barrera nails him, droips him then goes on the attack. Ref should have called the second knockdown sooner as the ropes clearly kept McKinney up.

9. 10-8 Barrera. Had it his own way all round, shipped the occasional right but otherwise all over him and forces McKinney to take a seat on the canvas to escape the pressure

10. 9-10 McKinney. He hurt Berrera, he hurt him again and again and again, how many right hands does it take to put this little bastard down. Fuck me Barrera is tough

11. 8-10 McKinney. He drops Barrera with a legit shot but Barreras protests seem slightly justified when he loses his footing on the Bud Ad seconds later. Good round from McKinney

12. KO McKinney on the canvas 4 times. Just as well it's waved off because that would have been a cunt to score. The first kd was counted but may have been a tangle of feet. The second was ruled a slip and not counted. The third was a legit KD but ruled a slip. The ref waved it off on the 4th occasion but it couldn't have been the 3 knockdown rule (which was in effect) because this was only the second one he classed a KD.
Ultimately I think the ref had seen enough.

103-102 Barrera at the time of the stoppage, had the 12th gone the distance you could have added another 3 points at least to that lead.

My word, I love Marco Antonio Barrera. What a tough little fucker he was.
The thread the other day that asked you to rank MAB, Moralez and JMM got ignored, purely because a lot of you fuckers were ranking Barrera third of the group and I went in a huff and refused to play.
How dare you?
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1. Barrera
2. Barrera
3. McKinney
4. McKinney
5. McKinney
6. Barrera
7. Barrera
8. Barrera 10-7
9. Barrera 10-8
10. McKinney
11. McKinney 10-8
12. Barrera KO
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ooohh spooky, I just watched Jones vs McKinney and mentioned the MAB vs Jones fights this morning.

Your 7th is the only round we differ on so far and I did say it was a stinker to pick between them in that one.

This was a wee cracker of a fight
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ooohh spooky, I just watched Jones vs McKinney and mentioned the MAB vs Jones fights this morning.

Your 7th is the only round we differ on so far and I did say it was a stinker to pick between them in that one.

This was a wee cracker of a fight

I thought Id already watched it but noticed on my YouTube channel that Id only done two rounds. Nearly slipped up.


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Was hoping this would be on here. Absolutely brilliant. If Boxing were a TV Drama it would look something like this (build-up included).
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1. Barerra
2. Barerra
3. Mckinney
4. Mckinney
5. Mckinney
6. Barerra
7. Even (frustrating to pick who won this)
8. Barerra 10-7
9. Barerra 10-8
10. Mckinney
11. Mckinney 10-8
KO12 Barrera

Solid battle by both men. Bad blood in this one. Back and forth action throughout. Very pro Mckinney by HBO commentary. Patchy reffing.

Fight tilted towards Barerra early then he hits a slump after 2 rounds, being dictated by Mckinneys jab. It's close but Mckinneys takes majority these rounds.

Barerra Lands a spectacularly fast knock down in Rd 8. I replayed probably 8+ times. Ref misses a follow up KD. Then calls the other following KD. Mickinney survives the round by the skin of his teeth. Barerras pressure continues, carefully stalking in Rd 9 which results in another KD for his card.

Quite an amazing lull at the start of Rd 10 considering what melee has occured up until this point. Both fighters just carefully establishing a jab. Mickinneys taking the round. The following Rd 11 McKinney rocks Barerra, delivers a knock down. Which Barerra understabably protests, too bad though take your medicine.

Rd 12 McKinney barely shows up for. He looks beaten, basically out on his feet. Barerra delivers an easy knockdown. Then the Ref incorrectly rules a slip on a body shot knockdown. Barerra corrects referee by follow up KO finish

Might have to watch the McKinney Junior Jones now. I'm intrigued to see the style matchups
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