365 Day Challenge Day 67: John David Jackson v Jorge Castro I


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1. 10-9 JDJ starts off well with the right jab, but early signs that he is not nearly on his bike enough, which won't please his corner but it'll please us. Castro is just a wee wrecking machine and hurts him towards then end

2. 10-9 JDJ, Well boxed again, quite comfortable at this point. Castro isn't the most pleasing on the eye.technically, doesn't look like an athlete but he's tough and persistent.

3. 10-9 JDJ. More of the same for 2 minutes, Castro just walking forward behind the guard but it's forcing Jackson to keep punching at a rate he will struggle to maintain. Then he gets Castro in the corner and unleashes countless unanswered punches, the ref could have stepped in. But after letting him punch himself out, Castro steps forward and does the same with a barrage before the bell.

4. 10-9 JDJ. Castro started the 4th the way he finished the 3rd. But Jackson takes over and out boxes him the remainder of the round. Clearly the better boxer but Castros tactics already starting to wear Jackson down

5. 9-10 Castro. Jackson should probably have been counted after touching down, Castro hit him. JDJ still landed his share but a lot of jabs thrown in a desperate attempt to keep Castro off, he looks tired and Castro relentless, JDJ needs a second wind soon

6. 10-9 JDJ. Just at a time he looked to be tiring Castro gices Jackson a round off. Allows Jackson to back him up and stand centre ring and flick out the jab. Both land a good back hand shot at around the half way mark

7. 10-8 JDJ. Fuck it, I'm giving a 2 point round, that was dominant, beating him up and hurts him first minute, totally outboxed him for the remainder, Castro barely landed a punch

8. 10-9 JDJ. I don't know about fight of the year but it's been some performance from Jackson who has been forced to work but by fuck he has worked and it's all a bit one way, Castros eyes are about shut

9. KO. JDJ is taking Castro apart, there has been more than a couple points where I've thought the ref or corner should be considering pulling Castro, he's being bullied, out boxed, hurt and not throwing in return, then bingo, he nails Jackson with a peach a left hook, while he's Castro is backed up and hurt he just lets a right left go and flattens him. Jacksons legs are gone and if it hadn't been for him being so well ahead, the ref could have pulled him. He gives him a chances but he is quickly put down twice more and he's out, his goose in cooked.

Got to be one of the best comeback punches in the history of the game
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Castro said to a news paper that he pretended to be damaged for JDJ confided and made a mistake. Like It was.

Amazing like Castro was several rounds fighting with a hand and the other one covering the cut eyebrow
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One of the best and most sudden turnarounds I have ever seen. I thought Castro won the first, and I could see giving him the fifth, but he was getting lit up and chopped up the majority of the time. JDJ hurt him badly for the second time in the fight and looked on the verge of finally forcing a stoppage when Castro uncorked that monster hook that essentially ended the fight.
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Awesome comeback, Jackson dominates most of this fight and looks very good in doing so but gets over excited after he hurts Castro who pulls the hail Mary out of nowhere and renders Jackon unconscious even though hes physically conscious. He is completely gone, la la land. Shouldbt have been allowdd to carry on really.

Pretty much downhill for Jackson from here, he never really recovered.

As for Castro, fun fighter to watch. Currently watching Castro v Takehara which is a war worthy of this challenge. Its better than this fight tbh, would have made it if I hadnt just discovered it.
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I had Jackson up 88-84 at the time of the stoppage. He looked really good in this fight and I have fallen in love with his style (maybe as an active, rangy southpaw myself I can see a bit of what I wished to be in Jackson's style).

Really sudden and dramatic turnaround and a turnaround/knockout that should be spoken of a lot more. While Castro always looked like the more dangerous puncher, he was getting taken apart and his face was a mess. I think both fighters should get credit for this one. :clap
I've seen this fight a few times.

It's one of the best one punch turnarounds in history. This time it's a Jackson on the receiving end though.

JDJ doesn't just dominate this fight, he pushes Castros shit all the way in and is on the verge of forcing a stoppage when Castros throws the best left hook of his career.

Excellent stuff.
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Bludgening power from Jackson. Poor Castro wincing in pain throughout the fight. Constantly crawling into a ball on the ropes. Disgusting slash across his eyelid. Jackson hurts him once more again. Castro goes into a shell again taking more punishment.

No idea where Castro got the courage but that punch came out of no where. Jackson wasn't expecting anything but a win in that flurry.

Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.