365 Day Challenge Day 357: Juan Francisco Estrada v Hernan Marquez

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1. Estrada
2. Marquez
3. Marquez
4. Estrada
5. Estrada
6. Estrada 10-7
7. Estrada 10-7
8. Estrada
9. Estrada 10-8
10. Estrada TKO
Thisnis fun till round six and even after Marquez is game as hell but the prolonged beat down is probably a reason why he was a shot fighter by 25.
His fight with Viloria was similar in that he was game but took punishment and got dropped a few times. Marquez was really fun to watch but that style definitely caught up to him quick. Shame, too, as his peak was before the major American networks would pay attention to the lower weights so he never really got the money those efforts deserved.
As sad as it is seeing Marquez get smacked around, it's good seeing this side of Estrada as opposed to the safety first slick boxer he sometimes comes across as.

Estrada is a quality fighter and I'm glad he still kept fighting the best consistently as he's now the man of the division and not just guy who lost to Roman.


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1. 10-9 Estrada. Leading well with the left, countering well with the right
2. 9-10 Marquez. Estrada not doing as good a job being elusive here.
3. 10-9 Estrada. More effective work and clipped him late
4. 10-9 Estrada, starting to draw mistakes and punish them
5. 10-9 Estrada, really starting to push Marquez back and impose himself on this fight,
6. 10-7 Estrada. Fuck, I had Marquez winning the first two minutes. Tempted to score that slightly differently but he wasn't winning it by much.
7. 10-7 Estrada. Aw this feels harsh as fuck, Marquez coming forward, game as fuck, edging it again until he gets dropped, down twice and keeps coming, how he lasts 50 seconds after that and stays on his feet is one thing, but he almost had Estrada over and his glove may have touched down. Feels all wrong scoring a 6 point deficit in the last 2 rounds
8. 10-9 Estrada but this isn't as one sided as I expected, Estrada is hurting him and Marquez is feeling the pace but he's still competitive
9. 10-8 Estrada. Marquez is about done but still fighting back
10. TKO. The first knock down was a body shot and head shot, then the finish goes head, body, head head. Great finish and who knows what put him down, he might have been dropped by any of them.

It may sound silly, given I had Estrada 12 up entering the 10th and there was another 2 knockdowns to follow but that was more competitive than I expected and certainly not as one sided as the scorecards and number of knockdowns suggested.

Estrada was the better man, the better boxer and at times the better fighter. It was an excellent performance but kudos to Marquez for the ballsy performance but there was also some offensive work throughout that you could admire
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Marquez a game fighter but Estrada opened up. Delivered a beating. It went both ways though a very entertaining battle. This night must take a year off Marquez career