365 Day Challenge Day 305: Michael Carbojal v Humberto Gonzalez II


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Love both these little guys.

Sure there@ Trail quote here somewhere....


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Thoughts from the previous viewing

Humberto Gonzalez vs Michael Carbajal II

1. 9 - 10 Carbajal
2. 10 - 10 Even
3. 10 - 9 Gonzalez
4. 9 - 10 Carbajal
5. 10 - 9 Gonzalez
6. 10 - 9 Gonzalez
7. 10 - 9 Gonzalez
8. 9 - 10 Carbajal
9. 10 - 9 Gonzalez
10. 10 - 9 Gonzalez
11. 10 - 9 Gonzalez
12. 10 - 9 Gonzalez

147 - 142 Gonzalez

Decided to come back and see these 2 again after talking about Ricardo Lopez. I hadn't watched the second and third fights and wanted to see how these 2 might match up with Finito had he stepped up in the early 90's

Another good fight. Really struggled to get going in the first couple as Gonzalez came out tentative and cautious but I think the cut might have spurred him on. He fought like a man possessed from there on in. Throwing shots in 4, 5 & 6 punch combinations he put Carbajal on the back foot. Carbajal looked by far the more solid puncher and landed clean with single shots on a few occasions. But still lost those rounds to Gonzalez consistent pressure.

Regards the Lopez question. He was a match for Carbajal in terms of size and they would have been a similar style of fighter, so it would have been interesting to see how they approached it tactically. I'd favour Lopez on what I've seen, not sure it would be winning any fight of the year awards.

I'd have loved to have seen Gonzalez vs Lopez though, I suspect it would have played out the way these fights have and I'd be interested to see who would win the clash of styles between those 2?


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1. 9-10 Gonzalez. Couple short bursts nicks it

2. 9-10 Gonzalez. Switching stances, changing levels, in and out in little bursts not letting Carbajal set up a rhythm with his jab

3. 9-10 Gonzalez. Carbojal doing his job for him, overshooting and over reaching with shots, leaving himself in range for Gonzalez to fire a couple in up close.

4. 10-9 Carbajal. Much better from him, firing the jab lower to deter Gonzalez, more accurate with that right and he's keeping his balance better and stepping back and tucking up when Gonzalez raids forward

5. 10-9 Carbajal. Gonzalez throwing more short volleys inside but they're all catching gloves, Carbajal landed a few nice clean shots

6. 9-10 Gonzalez, similar persistence, slightly more success, it was close though

7. 9-10 Gonzalez. Good body shots and busy, strong work inside. When he takes to his heels for a rest, Carbajal can't corner him

8. 10-9 Carbajal. Chose to stand inside with him and really had to work to edge that. Left hook working for him, especially when moving back out of range, keeps clipping him with it, clever little punch

9. 9-10 Gonzalez, feel for Carbajal here, he put a lot into this one and just couldn't outwork the tenacious little fucker. Love the way Gonzalez puts the little combos together in close

10. 10-9 Carbajal. Hard to score. Think I scored this one on output last time but it's figuring out how much Gonzalez lands clean and how much catch gloves. Close round

11. 9-10 Gonzalez. Little moment a minute from the end. Gonzalez flings in 4 body shots, then they excahnge head shots. The eye catching shots are upstairs but the difference is the work Gonzalez puts in

12. 9-10 Gonzalez. Fought for 3 minutes like he needed that last round, whether he did or not. Carbajal made it a fire fight in spells but couldn't match this little terror.

112-116 Gonzalez
All hail Humberto Chiquita Gonzalez.
Keep your Jung Koo Chang, this is the best ever light fly weight
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Carbajal was trained by his older brother who devised a hellish routine undertaken during midday heat, outside and directly in the sun, with temperatures at times reaching as much as 46C.
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Great fight and well deserved by gonzalez, did everything he should have in fight one and get get embroiled in an out and out brawl which seems to favour Carbojal. Funnily enough the perception before fight one that Carbojal needed to box and Gonzalez brawl but they seemed to work better the other way round.
man.. your prostate would have to implode to get the water going in that particular direction... Nice catch Lonnie... hope it wasnt too painful