365 Day Challenge Day 288: Marco Antonio Barrera v Prince Naseem Hamed

Hamed lost because of Allah?? Allah must not have liked him very much as he spent half an hour in the ring invoking him before it started.
Out of all his little stunts it was the first time Id seen that and also BEFORE the fight the first time he actually acknowledged he might lose.
Prayers not answered as there was no doubt at all about the decision.
I disagree, Barrera was hanging back but he was effective.

He wobbled him in the first and third, I thought Hamed was close to going down.

Naz got wobbled all the time though, that was nothing new.

I just think after the first 4 it was written in stone that MAB was gonna win a wide decision.
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Well this one one of the biggest fights I can remember as a young adult. Id followed Naz through school and I enjoyed him being a cocky bastard tbf but I was also a Barrera fan so wanted Barrera to win this one and he did with a great performance.

Naz fucking about all camp, more interested in his haircuts, whether he had a pool table in his room and what hisnentrance was gonna be.

Was told to keep the entrance to five minutes and it took about fifteen with Barrera looking raging in the ring. Took it all out on Naz and bashed him up, it is competitive but and not a whitewash but its still a very clear win for Barrera.

Naz had one poor comeback then quit. Shane he didnt get to fight any of Floyd, Manny, Morales or Marquez. Some great fights to be had.