365 Day Challenge Day 20: Roman Gonzalez v Juan Francisco Estrada

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Real high quality fight, have Gobzalez taking this narrowly, some great rounds. I found 7,8,10 & 12 hard rounds to score. The momentum often changes with every rally and its hard to keep a tally of whose scoring the most in the exchanges.

Two ATG flys at their peaks in a technical war. Great stuff.
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* Finally finished watching this. It's just as great as I remembered.

* Crazy to think that this wasn't the main event on this card. Brian Viloria beat Hernan Marquez in a partial unification fight in the main event.

* Even crazier to think that Viloria-Marquez, a terrific fight in its own right, has been overshadowed by one of the greatest undercard and greatest 108lb title contests of all time.

* Lots of rounds won by wafer thin margins, with one guy controlling the first couple of minutes only to have the other guy roar back in the final sixty seconds. Makes it a bitch to score.

* That said, I have it 115-114 Gonzalez. Had him winning rounds 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 11 and called round 7 even. There were about a half dozen rounds that could have gone either way, imo so I can't really complain about the 116-112 cards in favor of Chocolatito...Nor would I have complained had Estrada gotten a verdict by a similar margin. For me, though...I think Roman's consistency and pressure just edged this fight.

One of the most technically sound wars we'll get a chance to see during this challenge, methinks.
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Anyone else ever score this to Estrada?

I know a couple of people claimed robbery on ESB when it first happened. That claim seems unfounded, but a 118-110 card in favor of either fighter seems pretty loopy, too.
This was a great fight.

It really shows the lower weights in such a great light.

It was ridiculously close, I always get frustrated trying to score it because so many different rounds could go to either man.

I give it to Roman by a slight edge but it could easily have gone to Estrada.

Gonna stop the challenge for tonight though as Chisora is about to happen.
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1. Estrada
2. Gonzalez
3. Gonzalez
4. Estrada
5. Gonzalez
6. Gonzalez
7. Gonzalez
8. Even
9. Estrada
10. Gonzalez
11. Gonzalez
12. Estrada

116-113 Gonzalez

Damn watching Flyweight division is almost like another sport.

Can't see Estrada winning this but the scores are close enough. I gave Rd 8 a Draw but would be leaning to Gonzalez if I had to split it.

Thought Chocalito landed cleaner harder shots, he was catching a lot of Estrada punches on his guard. Estrada was getting pushed to the ropes too often where he was getting outscored. Chocalito was the aggressor between short coffee breaks (as Holmes called it).

A real nice sophisticated but aggressive fight.