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    DAZN looking to dramatically cut Canelo's pay

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    Post an old pic of yourself

    I will have you know young @V-2 is the first boy I’ve wanted to molest.
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    The Football Thread

    But they knocked out Juve. Name’s don’t mean shit.
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    Post an old pic of yourself

    Sorry mate. I’d go paedo for @V-2
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    Post an old pic of yourself

    I would go gay for @V-2
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    random things that annoy you more than they should

    Is there a market for a ‘ball bag pillow’ I wonder?
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    The Football Thread

    Lyon just knocked Juve out of the champions league too.
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    What is Frank Warrens plan?

    Taylor’s world title mandatory. This is good from Frank.We have a lockdown and he ends up more active than he has been for years :lol:
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    Forum still popping

    Frampton was the jackal. Phil Fury,Dempsey Fury and rumoured that Portside was John Fury.
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    Post an old pic of yourself

    So Dutch.
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    Post an old pic of yourself

    May as well tag @TSOL too.
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    Vasyl Lomachenko v Teofimo Lopez WBA, WBO IBF 135 Unification Oct 17 Build Up & Prediction Thread

    I think it’s brave of Lopez at 15-0 and 23 years old to take this fight. Good to see.
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    The Official OTHB ‘I Have Something To Say But It Doesn’t Warrant Its Own Thread’ thread...

    Yes and ‘raps’ where you hit someone on the arm with a metal ruler however many times depending on the card you pick up.
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    Matchroom to return from The Matchroom Plantation

    Conway v Mansouri is such a good match. The girls fight will be fun. Zelfa is a joy to watch in my opinion. Not sure what Welborn has left. Overall it’s a decent card and BT‘s is alright too.
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    The official OTH 2020 fitness exSTRAVAganza.

    Did 5.0 km in 24.41 which I’m dead pleased with. Listened to NIN ‘the fragile‘. My plan is to do 4 days back to back after a couple of weeks where I’ve been too busy to commit time to it. Missus changing her hours means I can run regular.And I want to allow myself my daily crisp sandwich...