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    Paulie Malignaggi gets Canceled

    at what point did he say it was the worst? He just pointed out the clear double standards.
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    RBR Lyndon Arthur v Dec Spelman BT sport 19.00

    agreed.. off that performance, he is in with a fighting chance
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    The Anthony Joshua Is A/Is Not A Racist Thread With Reactions

    Another racist dog whistle from AJ - This time the jews are getting it. Not much more can be expected from a Farrakhan fan tho, can it?
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    RIP Naazim Richardson

    Rob McCracken MBE still going strong lad
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    Moments where you think you might be mildly retarded

    I feel it after pretty much every time i’ve had a drink 🤣
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    RBR Joe Joyce v Michael Wallisch

    ye I genuinely think joyce will have the ‘fear factor’ vs DDD and be a lot sharper. He usually takes bigs shots early on through not being switched on. When he settles into the fights he doesnt take as many. Also, people underrate the way he switches his attacks from head to body seamlessly. Hes...
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    RBR Joe Joyce v Michael Wallisch

    ive seen him spar a 100kg rugby boy in gym and break his ribs with a body shot. Hes not packing feathers lad.
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    So, who’s going to the pub tomorrow?

    Great bev and yay sesh in the boozer last night. Finished off with a trip to brass house. Great fun had.
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    Jamel Herring tests positive for Covid, fight vs. Oquendo postponed

    Was this for wba regular final eliminator?
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    Is anybody interested in Joshua v Pulev?

    Pulev is a very solid operator only been beat by a prime wlad (wk’s left hooks that night were something terrible), n he gave it a very good go. AJ without doubt a massive fave, but pulev could be a potential banana skin.
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    The Tyan Booth Thread

    Tyan booth is fucking freak aint he. Dont know if anyone follows him on snapchat, but the fucking weirdo keeps showing his finger nail clippings. Not nice after you’ve just done your breaky 🤣
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    oh mate the amount of wank slow ‘bespoke’ computer systems I have seen in local authorities 😂 These systems engineers are trolls fuck me
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    How much do you spend monthly on escorts?

    found her lad.. hows she charging geazers £48 for an adultwork vid, when you can bang it for £70 🤣🤣🤣
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    Philosophy Debates: Do you think you have free will?

    Nope. I like whatever rupert murdoch and steve bannon tell me to like.